Hello, my name is Jamar and Welcome to my page!
​I am nothing, Just a man. I am Jamar, Handsome man. (جمار) ~ Jamar
An advocate and activist of cannabis, its recreational, medical and research on its use as a religious sacrament in history. I am Pansexual. "Pan-sexual identified people have the physical, emotional and spiritual capability of falling in love or being with someone regardless of their gender. This doesn't mean I like everyone, and I do have physical preferences. This identity is used to express my openness to people of all genders." In being pansexual I do not feel sexuality is a fixed state. Love and attraction can change.

About Me

     I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I was born in 1980 and am single. I went to high school at Edmondson-Westside High School and from there I continued to work at Radio Shack where I developed skills in customer service, retail sales, as well as test out my computer knowledge of hardware and software. When I finally left Radio Shack I worked a few temp jobs until I was hired by Johns Hopkins where I worked as an Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician. This was a job that I was happy to come by due to my love of science and animals. I worked with different types of animals and learned the policies and procedures of working in a research facility.
     The animals I have worked with while at Johns Hopkins were usually rodents, like mice and rats, but I also worked in different areas where I was in charge of the husbandry of pigs, monkeys, cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas, and even large apes. I loved the job because of the variety of animals I got a chance to work with, but I disliked when I witnessed the experiments done on animals for our benefits in medicine. I was discharged after 7 years when I reported an incident of harassment and was discriminated on for engaging in protected activities under law and I am to this day working to get compensation for those violations of my civil rights. It was hard lesson and I learned that you have to stand for your rights we all have and are guaranteed to us. Keep your documentation!

     Now I am currently working to build a business both wholesale and retail but experienced some setbacks. So I focused my time to get a degree to further my education, add it to my resume for a possible job in the future as well as for my own person benefits. I have self-educated myself and with the help of mentors knowingly and unknown in many fields, but I realized in the real world a degree is what matters. I chose my current course, a bachelor's degree in Information Technology with a focus in web design to improve my current web page as well as help to educate and become more successful in business and in marketing online.


     I had a dog, cat, siamese fighting fish but was separated from my little family in September of 2015 due to more violations of my rights. However, my cat has found her way along with some of the cats I have cared for up to where I currently stay. My dog I will truly miss. He was my most faithful companion. I am the first religious cannabis certificate holder in Maryland and legally grow cannabis for religious purposes and medical use. Cannabis has helped me with my insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This is my testimony and conclusion since I was first indoctrinated into its use.

     I love art, drawing, photography, religious studies, being a student of world religion as well as origami. Some of which you can see on my web site and examples of modular origami. A bit different from traditional single sheet origami. I also love to read, cook, watch movies and playing video games as I am a big kid! I now own an Xbox One and love role-playing, action and adventure games. Other than that I am a mundane and chill person. A mix of an introvert and extrovert, but I do love to chat and meet new people.


Thanks for reading my bio and visiting my page!

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